The purpose of the Marla Ruzicka Memorial Futsal Field is to provide a place where people of all backgrounds and ages can come together to connect to their community and play the sport they love--soccer.


After watching both children and adults interact last fall and winter at the indoor league in Lakeport, I was inspired to develop a plan for a permanent, accessible, Futsal field in our community. I watched my teenage daughter and her friend improve their game quickly but more importantly, I watched them gain self-confidence and meet new people from diverse backgrounds.


I have obtained approval from Westside Park Board to build the Futsal field. Urban Soccer Park a well-respected vendor who builds soccer parks in urban areas around the US will construct the field and believes they may be able to get some materials (i.e. turf) donated.

I have now turned my attention to security support for the project. I am reaching out to local businesses, community members, and I’m working on fundraising with supporters of my twin sister Marla—for whom the soccer park will be named--who started Clear Lake High Schools soccer program and who started the organization Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict and was killed in Iraq in 2005 while advocating on behalf of civilians harmed in the conflict.


Together we are more

 -Mark Ruzicka